Process your Social Network Analysis data

The SNAEngine is a workflow engine with an extensive library of Social Network Analysis (SNA) Algorithms to pre-process, calculate and analyze your Social Network data.


Library of algorithms:

  • Pre-processing
  • Network Calculations (Centralities) for Marketing Campaigns
  • Diffusion Algorithm for Churn Prediction
  • Statistics
  • Extensible to plug in your own Algorithms


Other features:

  • Model Optimization
  • Create, Modify, and Monitor Workflows via GUI
  • Multi-Server for load distribution
  • Process huge files with millions of edges and nodes
  • Integration with existing business processes and BI, ERP, CRM



Find the important Influencers in your Social Network, no matter how big your network.

Supported Hardware

Windows, Linux, Solaris (Sparc/x86), AIX, HP-UX.

SNA Engine

SNA Visual

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