Visualize & Analyze your Social Network

The SNA Visual application which runs on your laptop/desktop allows you to Analyze & Visualize quickly any Social Network Graph and pinpoint its Influencers.


  • Library of Visual Layout Algorithms (including Spring-Embedder, Harel-Koren, Fruchtermann-Reingold, Sinusoide, Circle)
  • Visual Customization of Nodes, Edges
  • Zoom & Filter function
  • Calculation of Centralities:
    • Degree
    • Closeness
    • Eigenvector
    • Betweenness


Other features:

  • Node heatmap
  • Visual Diffusion Algorithm to predict influenced nodes
  • Clustering Algorithm & Communities Detection



Works with flat files and databases.
Microsoft .net Framework 3.5

SNA Engine

SNA Visual

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